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What types of Events do you do?
Many Private Events Children & Adults too ;), Large Company Events, Stadiums, and private photo shoots.

What type of training do you have?
I am multitalented and love art mostly gospel grafitti. I've been drawing since elementary school. My training is hands on with countless hours of videos, books and practicing on my 4 Children.  I've done ministry work for many churches. I am a proud member of International Facepainters and Facepainting Forum online.  I have entered many contest and have been featured on Illusion Magazines Contests.  I have a total of 5 Year Experience operating as a face and body artist.

What advice do you have for a person looking to hire a facepainter?
#1 always look at their testimonials #2 Hygene is very important make sure you hire someone that has clean paints and paints are not purchased at a local store. #3 What types of Events have they done #4 Always look at their work beforehand a picture can tell alot. 

What does Victoria do on her spare time?
She is currently back in school to pursue a career in Christian Counseling to help troubled teens. She is a Youth minister at Freelife Chapel at the present time. Also a registered Juvenile Detention Chaplain for Faith Community. She is a community volunteer and loves to serve urban outreaches.  

Is she experienced with Children?
She has painted countless children and 4 of her own which she practices on. She has taught bible study and camp in the past with a large setting.  She has patience with small children through teens.

What kind of design can SweetCreationz Paint?
Her work is limited she can paint, butterflies, snakes, princess, flowers, hearts, spiderman, spidergirl, batman, lions, tigers, skeleton, and more
How Many Faces Can SweetCreationz Paint?
3-5mins per child 
Is SweetCreationz a Clown?
No.... I do not entertain like a clown,  but dress up colorfully and paint my own face.
Will SweetCreation paint my 6 month old baby?
Absolutely NOT! No child under the age of 3 years old will be face painted. This is a sefety issue to protect your child. ***On the very young, I suggest getting the decoration on the arms or hands so they can see it. I do this all the time with my 2 year old.
What do I need to provide for SweetCreationz?
Absolutely nothing she provides 2 chairs and a table.
How can I remove the paint?
The facepaints will wash off easily with soap and water.  Cleansing creams and cold cream work even better.
How can I remove the glitter tattoos and how long do they last?
With a small rag add some alcohol and rub slowly. These will last 1 week even in water.
How long and how can I remove regular temp tattoos?
Can last about 3days. Can be removed with Vaseline or a soft scrub.
What is the Cost for SweetCreationz Facepainting?
It depends on the package driving distance contact us for rates.
What form of payment does SweetCreationz Accept?
Deposits: PAYPAL or Check for Deposit.
Full Balance Owed : Cash at the end of event.

SERVING Lakeland Florida.